Bat Houses – Creating A Natural Environment for Installing Bat Houses

Bats have been long-term maligned, miscast as descendants of witches, associated with bad things and black magic, and feared for having the false belief that they can get trapped in one’s hair. They have been unfairly accused for all these and other similar myths and often reviled and victimized because of them. In reality, these animals are extremely important to the health of the overall environment as well as for our gardens.

Actually, they are the primary nocturnal predator of flying insects such as moths, beetles, mosquitoes and many others. A single bat-hunter can catch up to hundreds of insects in just one hour spent in hunting, consuming 30 to 50 percent of its body weight in insects each night. A colony of bats can be major protection for gardens and crops from big damage that can be caused by pest species such as moths, cucumber beetles, cut-worm, corn ear-worm, leaf-hoppers, or June beetles.

However, the scarcity of suitable roosting sites for bats threatens their survival. A great way to help bat populations is by putting up houses for them. There are some requirements that bats look for and in order to increase the chance of enticing bats to take up residence in your well placed house you can consider the following:

• Mind that temperature is a critical factor for bats in roost selection – bat houses need to receive at least ten hours of direct sun warmth each day.
• Bat house should be mounted on poles or on the side of a building that is at least 12 feet (4 metres) above the ground (or even higher). Don’t mount bat houses on trees as there they are more difficult for bats to be found, and also more vulnerable to predators.
• Provide bats with water every night – The greatest success in attracting bats is having their houses located less than a quarter mile (400 metres) from a water source, which can be a stream, river, or lake.
• Bats require a clear swoop zone for getting in and out of their roosts. It is the best to avoid placing their house in an area with a lot of obstacles, such as tree branches.
• Try to place two or more houses in one location. This allows bats to better adapt to temperature changes and it is also allowing them to move between the houses as needed.
• Bright lights should be far distanced from the bat houses. Bats can barely stand lights.
• Paint bat houses black or dark brown. This is in order to increase the inside temperature.
• Use untreated wood for making bat houses. Pressure treated wood that might contain chemicals is harmful to bats.
• Rough the inside of bat houses so as to allow bats to grip. Create horizontal scratches or grooves. As an alternative you can attach plastic screening that is flat on the wood surface to avoid any injury to the bats.
• You should caulk all seams, especially those around the roof. This prevents drafts and keeps temperatures stable.
• Instead of nails, use exterior grade or galvanized screws.

As you can see, there are a few things that are important to the natural habitat for bats. But it is actually easy to find bat houses that meet these requirements and all you have to do is find the perfect place to install them.

Species of Hermit Crabs in Their Natural Environment

Have you ever wondered what the life of hermit crab in their natural environment is like? It is natural, while you are gazing into your crabs’ home, to imagine that you are watching a wildlife documentary of “Species of hermit crabs in the wild”. The more you learn about your pet’s natural habitat the more able you will be to provide her with a healthy and happy home.

These crabs are one of the most exotic and fascinating pets you can own today. They are quite social animals despite having the name – hermit, and they are far from “crabby”. In fact, it is suggested that you purchase more than one hermit crab so that they will have friends to play with. You might want to purchase a larger tank than you originally planned in order to have room for all his roommates.

In the natural world crabs are found in tropical areas around or near oceans. The main reason for this is that crabs not only crave, they require, humidity! Crabs are only able to breathe in humid environments due to the fact that they use gills to breathe with.

Let’s Bury our Heads in the Sand

If you are a crab, you love to borrow in the sand. You love to inspect and examine anything you come in contact with. Instead of going around an object, or even another crab, you are as likely to dig underneath them. That is why they love the sand so much. This inquisitive nature sometimes can create problems especially when it comes in contact with another crab.

Connection to Water

These crabs lay their eggs in the sand by the ocean. When the tide rolls in the eggs are washed out to sea. There they hatch and begin to develop into small crabs. Survival depends on a crab’s ability to breathe in water. Hermit crabs have gills similar to fish that allows for them to be able to breathe in water. It is a fascinating tale the life of a hermit crab from birth in the ocean to life on the land.

The shell is where a hermit crab lives. Shells provide them shelter and protection. When these crabs begin their journey to land they are very, very small. When they arrive at the shore they are a mere 5 mm in length. Finding a home, a very tiny shell, is their first job when they reach land.

Humidity, Humidity, Humidity

Again with the water, why the fascination with water? First it is an essential element in all life especially during the early days of life of these crab. Water for drinking as well as moisture in the form of humidity is required to develop his gills to be able to breathe. High humidity is a requirement to the health of your hermit crab. Hermit crabs in the wild will visit the seashore in the evenings to enjoy the dew on the beach and the humidity in the air. His connection to the ocean will remain with him for all his life.

A shell is a crab’s home and they are not only uncomfortable when they are out of their home they are at risk to attack from their enemies. Crabs molt to exchange and create a new shell they are very inactive at this time so don’t become alarmed and think that something is wrong. They will continue to burrow into the sand but that is about all he will do at this time.

Now you have some of the tools and understand the basic needs of your crab. You will be able to provide the best home to have a healthy, happy crab.

Office Furniture and the Natural Environment

The office furniture market today provides business people numerous options in office chairs. Almost all furniture for a organization can be customized to the best degree of comfort for anyone. The style, feel and use for each choice may make the environment much better. In fact executive chairs will add to the atmosphere of the area. The creator must make these selections to ensure the office suits the requirements of the business. Here’s a few points to consider whilst you make these selections.

Developers specializing in the environment of a company can help with seeking the design and ambiance of the space. Seek out those involved with “Feng Shui” to guide you with this. These are experts that help design rooms that particularly attract energy that is desired. In addition they push out energy that is unfavorable. These aspects can definitely produce a space better for the business.

The choices that make up that decoration can come from a multitude of locations. All those locations should work together to form a cohesive function of positive business. That company is much better by these possibilities. They ought to be chosen very carefully to correspond to the purpose of the area. Styles and details can impact much of this, nonetheless the main pieces inside the room will be the most significant aspect. Any time they are selected, the room can at last have vitality to it. This environment is important.

If these measures are taken to have the business feel better for your workers, then this space is finally servicing the use of the organization. This is the aim from the designer. Merely then in a manner that feels right to the employees that occupy that space, can one claim that this objective has at last been accomplished. The alternatives are massive. There are many stylish options out there. The ability to produce this type of area requires a genuine expert. They are well worth every dollar that they are paid. Never go cheap with this and your business area is going to be serving you as well as each and every component of operations.

Be sure that each and every area meets the requirements of the individuals there in that room on a regular basis. This is the purpose of “Feng Shui.” It creates what is needed to attract that which is desired. It can be clear to see. Contemplate how well you have felt in numerous places in your life. Those feelings are part of this factor. Whenever the individual and the area match, then focus is about what the experience is. In other words, the focus ought not to be on the area, but rather what goes on in that room.

Customization of an office can make or break the feeling and environment of a business. It is very important to select the proper office chairs, executive chairs and office furniture for this specific purpose. Employing creative designers that understand the function of your company can alter the surroundings to help your organization succeed.